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Vélo Québec Association Membership

Exclusive Membership

Duration of membership
1 year   2 years   3 years  
Magazine with your membership
Vélo Mag*   Vélo Mag digital issue*
Géo Plein Air*   Géo Plein Air digital issue*
Other magazines
As member of Vélo Québec, you get the possibility of a reduction on the others magazines of Vélo Québec.
Vélo Mag*   
Géo Plein Air*   
Québec Science**
* 6 issues/year    ** 8 issues/year

Friend Membership

Duration of membership
1 year    2 years    3 years   

Training sessions

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Certified cycling escort training Voir
Bicycle mechanics (level I) Voir
Bicycle mechanics (level II) Voir

You can offer a mechanics course to another person than you.
If applicable, specify the number of people